Upton on Severn


A freezing Friday night in the tent didn’t leave a cold feeling on Saturday as the sun shone on the Billys and other sides dancing on the streets of Upton. A few April showers stopped play briefly but didn’t stop us emerging from the pub when they finished.
In the evening I put on my rubics cube outfit as Saturday night was 80s party night for the Billy’s. A fun night was had by all.
Sunday was kicked off by a procession through the town  followed by plenty more dancing around the town. If only I had the Tardis so I could go back and do it all again.


Fab weekend – thanks Billys.

  • Highlights:
    • camping together
    • so many morris sides all in one place!
    • lovely town
    • massed Celebration (twice!)
    • Procession – good audience and huge guard of honour type thing at the end
    • It didn’t rain too much
    • 80s night
    • Informal Ceilidh at Clubhouse Friday night
    • Ceilidh on Saturday with All Blacked Up
  • Improptu Appalachian dancing by Jill and Niall
  • Surviving the coldest night camping ever!
    • Surprised at what a happy, smiley, laughing time I had – thanks again all:-)

Oh – and wearing clogs for the first time!  Very glad they fitted and I didn’t fall over:-)


A beautiful location for a fabulous festival. Cold during the night but made up by some great dancing, awesome teamwork and lots and lots of laughter. A wonderful first weekend away with Robin and Ann – hope it’s the first of many happy memories. Thank you to everyone who made it so much fun and so easy to squire! You are all amazing…

Can I second Jo’s comments, you guys make Squiring very easy! My highlights were the 80’s party. We were treated to no less than two Adam Ants, an Antmusic groupie, a Rubics cube,  questionable hair, makeup and taste in legwarmers made for an experience I am unlikely to forget for some time.
Helen W
I think this is my fourth time with Billy’s at Upton.   It isn’t always as cold, indeed the very first time was a very hot weekend as I recall.  It was good to be back on the rugby camping site which was still under flood water last time I came.
More sides and more dancing which was as it should be even if we neary missed our Saturday spot due to a sudden shower.    I’m glad that we did a bit more dancing on Sunday and that it didn’t really rain as threatened.  For the observant amongst you there was even Jill and Niall offering Cajun (aka Turkey in the Straw) as there were no Appalachian sides this year.    I did like the growing number of sides who know Celebration four sides took up quite a stretch of street.   if we go to the Morris Fed AGM in Nottingham how many NW sides will there be who have learned it by then?  Is it in Mortimer’s repertoire?  They could programme a take over of the main arena!    But which tune will be played?  Cajun style Uncle Bernard was fun but would offend the NW purists no doubt.
My favorite session ‘coordinator’ Martin Hughes was present again in The Swan ensuring that there was all day music.  So when we had a lunch break or finished dancing I enjoyed several long sessions.
It was good to be back with Billy’s after my enforced absence and thank you to Jo, Jill and Steve for transporting me to and fro.   The Mog was disappointed not to be able to return to its home as much as I missed the driving experience.
So far as I know my leg survived and possibly improved – see what a physio says on Wednesday and may be tells me when I may expect to drive again.
Great weekend in lovely Upton again, on the most important weekend in the Morris calendar .Despite the cold nights I think we were reasonably lucky with the weather , great social time together, thankyou for making Carrie very welcome, she has loved it. Would have liked to do a bit more dancing,especially on the Sunday, felt a bit deflated when everyone left to go home. It was warmer on Sunday night so we had another go at the beer after a great meal at the Upton Muggery. Looking forward to Holmfirth next weekend, just washed our kit in readiness.
Michelle, Chris, Sean  and Carrie.
Another great weekend but unfortunately I wasn’t able to dance. Did 9 mans but then my knee gave way. Walked the procession and called all the dances so did my best but did miss dancing! Very cold and ice on the tent Sat morning! Dancing good  and beer plentiful.
PS Forgot about the fancy dress! It was really great. Well done everyone!