Rhubarb Festival, Wakefield

It was a cold and rainy Wakefield that welcomed Billy’s to the Rhubarb Festival. We began with a much needed cuppa and piece of cake or rhubarb tart, before braving the elements. The usual problem of finding a safe surface to dance on threatened to spoil our plans at one point, but we sorted ourselves out. In the end the side stepped up to the mark in valiant fashion and I was proud of our performance. My highlights were the Celebration with guest Tart, Briggate and Wakefield audience members in mufti; and the way our damp and windswept side pulled together. I am a proud Squire. Helen


Ruth and Esther leading off in Banks Village

Left my mobile phone on charge at home and also failed to bring my charcoal handwarmer both of which proved to be a mistake.    So I ‘lost’ Billy’s at lunch time when Weaherspoons proved to be full and lunched with Briggate instead – one benefit from being with two sides!

Loss of feeling in my left hand fingers was a bit drastic and may be one excuse for the last “9 man’s” getting faster and faster to get it over!   Thank you Jill for controlling us with the big bass drum.    But warming up in The Hop in a Billy’s sit around before returning to Leeds was a good way to end the day.

If we meet Briggate again on a relaxed summer’s day may be we could try a double Waltons?



Despite some wet and windy weather we had a great start to 2016 Slubbing Billy’s dance outs. It started  and finished well with tea and cakes!!!  Despite some wet and slippery surfaces Billy’s danced  well and we especially enjoyed a mass dance of Celebration. It was also good to catch up with old friends from other sides after a long winter. Here’s to our next dance out.



Really enjoyed my first visit to the Rhubarb Festival.

Good to have a dance-out so early in the year.

Well organised and friendly hosting by the RTs

Weather was bracing – got too cold to play accordion at the 12noon dance slot but very good to have a dance spot under cover in the Trinity shopping centre for the afternoon.

The Hop was a good venue to have as a base – plenty of space plus only a few minutes walk from the railway station. Look forward to being invited again next year!



Rhubarb Festival, although a bit cold and wet, was very enjoyable. We had an audience and the dance timetable wasn,t too arduous. A nice way to socialise and start off the dancing season.

Michelle x

It was cold! We sheltered under the canvas. Helen made a speech about my birthday on the Sunday. The band played and the girls sang ‘Happy Birthday’. It was a great day. The girls danced very well and it was a lovely day!


Enjoyable morning with plenty of dances while dry. Heavens opened in the afternoon but fortunately under cover for the finish with all sides who were there.


Bacon butty in station was very good. Great first dance out of the season. Good morning but then it came colder and wet so inside for the afternoon. A few drinks after and back in Huddersfield station so then back home for a sleep.


A cold, early start to the season but we were well provided with tea and cakes ( including RHUBARB ones!) Not too much dancing but its good to have an appreciative audience and other teams to watch. Left feeling ‘in the pink’ – must have been the rhubarb!


Thank heavens for bloomers in February on a nippy corner

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